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Sample Menus



  • Smoked salmon on top of a Bellini with lemon scented crème freiche and chives
  • Savory mini tartlets with tomato confit and goat cheese
  • Savory mini tartlets with leeks and mushroom fondue
  • Bruschetta basil and tomato salad topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella basil chiffonade
  • Avocado crostini with cream cheese and sweet chili peppers
  • Rolled zucchini ribbons with mint, chili pepper and goat cheese


  • Spinach salad goat cheese candid pecans and balsamic vinaigrette
  • White black and red bean salad diced celery pickled red onions and zesty vinaigrette
  • Mix green salad Fuji apple vinaigrette and julianne apples
  • Panzanella a rustic Tuscan salad with tomatoes red onions olives basil white balsamic vinegar toasted bread and extra virgin olive oil

Main Dishes

  • Mini home made crumpets topped with poached eggs and pistu
  • Dill and lemon marinated oven roasted salmon accompanied with dill and whole grain potato salad
  • Mini breakfast burrito with truffle oil scented scrambled eggs sautéed cremini mushroom, zucchini and queso fresco
  • Tandoori chicken thighs with cherry tomato and coconut sambal
  • Rosemary lamb chops with fresh mint and parsley sauce accompanied with Farro salad
  • Chicken breast skewers marinated in lime pink peppercorns rosemary and Allepo pepper accompanied with turmeric rice pilaf
  • Cumin lamb skewers with red onion parsley salad on a bed of Sangak bread
  • Saffron chicken skewers with sweet tomato jam and Israeli salad
  • Home made honey almond granola accompanied with maple yogurt


  • Chocolate strawberry crapes
  • Challah french toast with rosemary scented maple syrup
  • Star anise and cardamom fresh fruit salad
  • Fresh fruit display
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